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Guaranteed Pressure Washing Service In Cedar Rapids, Marion & Surrounding Areas. We’ll Make ANY Surface Sparkle!

Meet The Superior Power Washing Solution For Every Surface…

Pressure Washing for Concrete, Driveways, Garage Floors, Pavement

Cedar Rapids Power Washing uses only the best and most effective equipment and modern methods to extract dirt from the porous upper layers of any concrete.

Our all-natural, biodegradable cleaning solutions utilizes complex chemical reactions to release dirt and soils, and our precisely calibrated PSI pressure washers whisk dirt away from concrete sidewalks, driveways, and even delicate stonework.

Pressure Washing Siding, Vinyl, Wood, or Brick

To keep your siding fresh, beautiful, and undamaged by lingering dirt and contaminants that eat away the paint, have professionals give it a deep clean once ever 12-18 months, if not more often.

Our carefully crafted blend of natural cleaning solutions and soft-PSI pressure washing can work wonders to refresh and restore wood, vinyl and brick siding. Additionally, we also provide window cleaning services to make your home shine even brighter.

Pressure Washing for Wood Fencing, Decks & Patios

Don’t settle for surface-level treatments. We’ll gently remove dirt from the absorbent upper layers of your wood to make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned and rejuvenated to their original condition.

Our cleaners are biodegradable in nature and completely harmless on all kinds of wood. We then follow up this formula with (relatively) low-PSI pressure washing to deliver perfectly shining decks, patios and fences, time after time.

With Cedar Rapids Power Washing, You Get

Better Service & Breathtaking Results

Our 26-Point Checklist Is The Reason Why

All power washing companies are NOT the same.
Maybe we all do *some* of the same things, and maybe many of our competitors do *some* of the things we do. But no one else does everything we do, in the same combination that we do.

We call this unique process our 26-Point Checklist.

Our 26-Point Checklist is the assurance that you get our best clean every time, because we never “improvise” when it comes to power washing your business, company or home. Guaranteed.
From your very first consultation until the moment all the water has been washed away, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your needs and expectations are being painstakingly met.

Plus, with more than a decade of experience in the art of pressure washing, our team knows firsthand how to treat and pressure wash any surface – from rock to soft wood to windows.

Simply put…

We Put In The Dirty Work

So You Can Kick Back And Say, “Man, That’s Clean!”

Custom Tailored Ingredients

No two exteriors are alike. With our handcrafted cleaning solutions, we take extra time to ensure that each and every ingredient is safe and effective to use on your home, preventing unnecessary chemical damage.

Carefully Calibrated PSI

While other pressure washing businesses rely on high powered water to blast away dirt, our team carefully adjusts the PSI based on your home’s exterior finishes, reducing the risk of harm to vulnerable materials.

No Rush Results

Power washing your exteriors and window cleaning is only half the job. Next, our technicians allow our potent cleaning agents with plenty of time to “dwell,” resulting in a pristine clean that you can be proud of, every single time.

…And The Results Speak For Themselves:

Before After
Before After

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