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Our guaranteed pressure washing and power washing services in Dubuque, Sageville, and surrounding areas will leave your home SHINING when we’re done.

Power Washing in Dubuque That’s Superior in Every Way

We offer a series of residential pressure washing services that cater to every outdoor surface of your home. Our professionally trained team is proud to provide the following:

House Washing

With us, the exterior of your home is in excellent hands. We know exactly how to deal with every surface, whether it’s siding, vinyl, wood, or softwash. If there’s one thing your Dubuque home deserves, it’s to look incredible, and our power washing services always ensure a perfect finish. We use natural and biodegradable cleaning solutions combined with a gentle PSI when pressure washing so that bacteria and contaminants are removed effectively. Even the most run-down walls can be restored. We know how to work our magic the way your home needs.

Deck & Fence Cleaning

It’s not easy cleaning your decking or fencing, especially when the wood becomes worn and damaged over time or grows that slimy film that makes it slippery. Many power washing companies only provide surface-level treatments for the wood, but not us. Our method reaches right into the wood to remove grime and bacteria so that it looks great for longer and regains that glowing shine. When pressure washing a deck or fencing, we use natural cleaning products that we have formulated ourselves and a gentle PSI to avoid damage.

Christmas Light Installation Services

Christmas is a time of year that you’re supposed to spend with your family and loved ones, so why stress about hanging the decorations? It might not be a pressure washing service, but it’s something we love to do and that we’re proud to offer. Christmas light installation in Dubuque has never been easier, and we’ll always ensure the lights are hung perfectly. We’re some of the best Christmas light installers in the area, and we even have a few additional decorations you might want to see. Get comfy while we get the job done.

Roof Washing & Cleaning

The roof is often one of the most neglected aspects of a home. The moss and gunk that grows on the tiles can cause severe damage over time, so keeping it clean is a priority. Using local pressure washing services like ours is the perfect way to keep your roof young. Using a soft PSI and natural cleaning solutions, we are able to wash the muck away without damaging your roof. This is why we’re the best pressure washing contractors on the market - we know all the right techniques for dealing with every exterior surface.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Cleaning the gutters is one of the most hated household tasks, so why not leave it to our crew of professionals to get the job done? Every leaf, clump of dirt, and even the little trees will be removed quickly and efficiently to prevent flooding and damage to your exterior walls. We’re always careful with our pressure washing gear, and this is why we have a specially calibrated PSI for use on gutters to ensure there’s enough pressure to remove blockages and clumps without damaging the material. Your gutters will have never looked better.

Concrete Cleaning Services

Concrete isn’t always the easiest to deal with, especially because of the porous upper layers. Whether you need your driveways, sidewalks, patios, or retaining walls and pavers cleaned, our affordable power washing services have it covered. Why is driveway pressure washing important? Well, it’s the entrance to your home and one of the first things people see when they pull up. By the time we’re finished with a perfectly calibrated PSI and natural cleaner, your driveway will look brand new again.

Window Cleaning Services

Pressure washing windows work well, especially when you have a professionally trained team on the job. We promise streak-free results every time, leaving you with clear glass that looks like it has been freshly installed. For window cleaning in Dubuque, we’ve got it covered. Our window cleaning products are natural and biodegradable, using a formula that we created ourselves for the best possible results. You don’t have to worry about damaged glass because our decades of experience mean we know the perfect pressure and cleaning methods.

What Makes Premier Power Wash the Best?

Our 26-Point Checklist

It’s time to close that pressure washing services near me search because it’s over. You’ve found us, and there are several reasons why you should stick with us.

We are proud to provide our customers with services that are superior to other power washing companies. We show you this through the results of every cleaning session and job that we undertake.

Not all pressure washing companies were made equal, and we stand at the head of the crowd. Sure, there might be a couple of companies that use similar tactics, but we know that no other pressure washing services use our 26-point checklist. That’s what makes us a unique company.

How We Operate

  • No stone is left unturned with our thorough and effective power washing services 
  • Our team of fully trained and qualified professionals has over a decade of experience
  • We never rush a job. We take our time so that the results are always perfect
  • Our natural cleaning solutions are tailored and formulated by us for unique results
  • We use perfectly calibrated PSI so that every job is a job well done 
  • Pressure washing leaves you with instant curbside appeal. Be the envy of the town
  • Homes that are taken care of have increased property value (you’re welcome)
  • We’ll help your home take off a few years and regain its gory with restoration tactics 
  • We ensure superior protection against harmful build-ups on all of your surfaces

Not enough to convince you that we’re the best pressure washing services in Dubuque? Why not take a look at some of our recent jobs in the area and see for yourself?

Premier Power Wash - Putting in the Dirty Work for You

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