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General Questions

We have a couple different ways to receive a personalized quote:

~ Click on the “Get Quote” button on our home page of this website, fill out the information and one of our customer care associates will reach out to you.

~ Call us at 319-450-7075 to speak directly to one of our customer care associates.

Our main priority is your happiness, and with our signature 28-point checklist, our technicians will provide great service that will provide results that we guarantee will make you smile, or it’s free!

Yes, we are a fully insured company, which includes but is not limited to liability, workers comp, and commercial auto insurance.  If you require proof of insurance, please contact us and we will send you a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

This often times depends on factors such as the location of your home and the amount of sunlight your home receives, but on a average, we suggest an annual cleaning to keep your siding, windows, and gutters free of any mold, algae, and other organic buildup that can weaken your home’s exterior over time.

With our Iowa climate, the optimal time for exterior cleanings are March through October.  With our more laid back winters, we are able to wash homes anytime when the temperatures are 40 or warmer.

Yes, our proprietary cleaning solution is very safe for landscaping around the home, yet effective enough to clean your siding.  Our technicians are also trained to wet down any grass and landscaping around the home before and after the cleaning process. This ensures any runoff will not dry on your landscaping.

A typical house wash will require our technicians to use a proprietary mix of sodium hypochlorite, cleaning agents and water.  This combined with our soft washing technology ensures your surface will be safely and properly cleaned.  If rust, lime, or other harder to remove issues are present, we may use other cleaning methods.  In these cases, our technicians will be up front about the process before moving forward.

We service a large group of commercial clients in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls and surrounding areas!  We offer services such as exterior building washes, exterior window cleanings, concrete surface cleanings, dumpster pad cleanings, and gutter cleanings.  We would be glad to be a part of making your business shine!

Day of Service Questions

For a house wash, we ask that you try to move any objects such as patio furniture, grills, patio planters, etc. away from the house 20 feet.  We also ask that cars are removed from the driveway and for any pets to be inside the home.  Make sure all windows are shut tightly and screens removed for the best cleaning results. 

For driveway, patio, deck and concrete cleaning -- please move everything off those areas.

If you are home we’ll review any areas of concern before we start, and walk around the house with you when complete, to make sure you are completely happy with the work!  But you do NOT need to be home during the service.  This is completely your choice! 

We are able to complete service while you are home, at work, or out of town! Our office crew takes great notes on your personal requests or issues and our technicians take before and after photos to ensure you are satisfied with the results!

Arrival times vary greatly depending on factors such as length of previous jobs, weather, and travel time.  We will provide you with an estimated time of arrival and our technicians will send a text message when they are on their way.

Our dedicated technicians work through various weather conditions such as rain, wind, and even snow.  In the event of extreme weather, our office staff will reach out and ask about rescheduling for a different date.

Service Questions

The number one cause of algae growth on siding is humidity. If your home is in a shady area that doesn’t regularly get direct sunlight, algae can become an eyesore!  With our cleaning mixture, we can safely eliminate algae and other organic materials from your home’s exterior.

We offer an array of services to help brighten up your curb appeal!




Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses low pressure along with a proprietary cleaning solution to safely clean exterior surfaces of organic stains such as mildew and algae. Soft washing is a much less abrasive method to cleaning a home’s exterior and it helps to preserve the life of your windows, trim, and siding.

Since pressure washing cleans by spraying water at a very high PSI, some exterior materials can become weakened or damaged.  We never use high pressure on your houses!

We recommend soft washing most siding materials, roofs, and pavers to ensure the materials aren’t damaged.  Other areas like driveways, sidewalks, and wood decks are built more to withstand the higher pressure of pressure washing. If you have any doubt, it is always best to reach out to a trained professional.

We do use our customer’s water and we will need access to a water spigot to complete the cleaning.  Water usage varies greatly for each project, but an average cost of usage is around 1 to 10 cents worth of water.

Payment Questions

For residential, we do not require final payment until the service is fully completed and you have had a chance to view the results.  An invoice will be emailed to you to pay at your convenience.  

For commercial services, we provide net 15-45 day payment terms.

If you are at home while we are finishing up your service, you are more than welcome to pay your technician while he is on site.  Otherwise, an invoice will be emailed to you shortly after the service is completed.  We accept check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex).  We do not accept cash payments.

Our #1 priority is your happiness with the end result and our technicians are trained and fully committed to earning your 5-star review!  

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